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[Greenhouse construction] solar greenhouse

Slope night before insulation is covered on three sides of the East, West, North to the single-slope of the retaining wall plastic greenhouse, collectively referred to as the solar greenhouse. The prototype is a single the hillslope glass greenhouse, the front slope translucent cover material instead of glass with a plastic film that evolved into the early solar greenhouse. The solar greenhouse characterized by good insulation, low investment, and energy conservation.

The performance of the solar greenhouse

The transmittance of the energy-saving solar greenhouse is generally in the range of 60% to 80% or more, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference may be maintained at more than 21 ~ 25 ℃.

1 solar greenhouse lighting

On the one hand, the solar radiation is to maintain the the solar greenhouse temperature or to maintain the heat balance of the most important energy source; On the other hand, the solar radiation is the only light source of crop photosynthesis.

2 solar greenhouse insulation

Insulation from solar greenhouse the the insulation envelope structure and activities insulation is composed of two parts. The front slope of the insulation material shall use the flexible material away easy after sunrise, sunset put down.

Focused primarily on the research and development of new front roof insulation material to facilitate mechanized operations, the price is cheap, light weight, anti-aging, waterproof, and other indicators of requirements.

Solar greenhouse is mainly composed by three parts of the retaining wall, after the roof and the front roof, referred to as the “three elements” of solar greenhouse, which before the roof is all greenhouse lighting surface the lighting periods during the day before the roof is only covered by plastic film lighting, when the outdoor light weakens, timely activities insulation covering the plastic film to enhance the insulation of the greenhouse.

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